Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday!

To my little sweet-pea, Happy Birthday for yesterday! I can't believe you are already 1 :-)

Monday, January 4, 2010

lilac wine

I don't tend to wear much purple - it was my favourite colour as a kid and I think I wore so much of it then that I'm still wary of it.

I've been half-heartedly going through my clothes and trying to get rid of some. It's ridiculous how much stuff I actually have, given that I only wear about 3 things (shorts, t-shirts and thongs in summer; jeans, long-sleeved tees and cowboy boot in winter). I came across this rad tutorial the other day that explains how to make kids' pants from old t-shirts, so I've been sorting through everything I don't wear anymore to make pants for my own little creepy-crawly (well, not so much creepy, but very, very crawly). I was about to cut up this old Bonds tee, but I loved the colour so much I stopped myself.

I bought a bunch of these tees last summer when I was heavily with child, and the thin cotton made them perfect for the 30-plus days. Now, of course, they're all stretched in the belly area, so I kind of hiked it up with a little badge to avoid the pouchy thing that was happening. Maybe I can take them in and get some more wear out of them? Or maybe they'll end up on Baboushka ;-)

(purple tee: Bonds
long-sleeved tee: also Bonds
badge: Milk Thieves
skirt: thrifted
boots: men's cowboys, eBay)