Thursday, August 27, 2009

So devoid of inspiration I can't even think of a decent post title

Ugh. The old blogger's ennui. It's what I've got. Here's a little picture in the meantime...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm ba-ack!

Pat, Baboushka and I are back home from our little voyage to Brisbane. It was lovely, we somehow managed to see and do a lot while having a good old-fashioned relax.

But before I write about any holiday hijinks or put up any pictures (that will probably take me a little while - lame traveller that I am, the plane trip has left me feeling woozy and as though I'm rocking in a boat. Or a CityCat, if you will.), I have to share this site that I recently read about - Tom's. Not only do they have some very rad footwear, but they have a social conscience. For each pair of shoes that you buy from Tom's, they will donate a pair to a child in need :-)

On my wishlist:

And for Baboushka, these adorable wee paint-splatter shoesies!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Just having a small break from blogging :-) Be back soon!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bassike instinct

What a title, right? Sorry about that.

Anyways, Bassike is a 'strayan label that I've been eyeing of for ages now (but always resisted because I wasn't sure if it was 'me'), and I really really really like these:

I don't usually go for mod, clean lines and drape-y jersey garments, but lately my brain keeps looping back around to this kind of clothing. I love the jodhpur-style trousers because I never really got over Nicolas Ghesquière's 'multi-ethnic/preppy college-girl chic' collection of 2007 for Balenciaga.

(Well, except for the fringed scarves. Never has a fashion trend made me crankier. I want to puke when I see the fluorescent, chain-store versions walking towards me.)

And the electric blue harem pants? Like street-worthy tracksuit pants in one of the greatest colours ever. They would make morning dressing in .5 seconds oh so much easier...Help! I need to be dissuaded...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Papier d'amour

Given that my attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish, I need to have many crafty pastimes on the go at any given time. Which means, of course, that they never get finished. But, uh, it's the thought that counts, right?

My current obsession is one I have rekindled - the ancient (?) art of collage. I've been buying books with rad, old-school pictures from the op-shop and tearing out the best pictures for this great, enduring kindergarten love (other kindergarten loves that have endured include colouring-in, spelling bees and juice).

Isn't that picture cool? I am toying with putting it in a frame for Baboushka's bedroom...although the dead moose is perhaps a little macabre for a 6-month-old...

Tearing pages out of books feels so naughty, but good naughty. I wonder if they will still let me be a librarian..?