Saturday, May 26, 2012

Where was I... #3?

So, heartbreak-getting-over-stuff.

In a move that goes against the traditional point of this blog (which was to record the lovely, cute, happy aspects of my life in order to have a tangible 'happy place' to go to when my imagination failed me), I am still going to document the things that got me through last year (especially the undocumented second-half), which happily involved yucky break-up-move-house-twice-massive-study-load-no-money-stress-blurgh.

(Please know that I am in no way advocating the use of alcohol [or any other comestible/smokeable substance] as a way to cope with the slights that life inevitably deals. It just happens to have been my way.)


My blog, my thoughts. So there.

To the wine! Basically, I found a few brands of wine that I enjoyed drinking and were not crazy-expensive. I worked out that to buy 6 bottles at a time would not only incur a 10 (sometimes 20)% discount, but that the shopping receipt/docket would thus include 4c off petrol (if said wine was purchased from a supermarket-affiliated bottle-o).

(Ethics re: shopping at independent businesses sort of went out window, there.)

To all the sneaky glasses of wine I consumed on school nights last year: thank you. You were (are?) often ill-advised, and yet, in my situation, you were most helpful. In both aiding relaxation and increasing anti-oxidants in my diet. Much thanks.

Another round, blogtender!

I was just thinking about blogs last night. Specifically, this blog - this poor, neglected little thing of a blog :-)

I was wondering how my blog friends were (aka, missing you lovely, cool people who manage to stop by), and feeling as though I needed to start writing again. I felt this way around the middle of last year, when I wrote about my ill-timed (though is there ever a good time? It may even have been well-timed!) run-in with Ye Olde Heartbreake.

Last year, though, I was for the most part consumed with study, with a bit of forcibly-wrangled time on the side for Baboushka, moving house twice (ewww) and op-shop visiting. Which didn't leave a lot of time for blogging :-(

And then, this morning, I had a comment on one of my old posts! Bizarre and excellent timing. I think it may be time to borrow a camera and blog anew...

(PS: Baboushka is 3-and-a-bit! And I'm a qualified teacher! And we live in a new house, complete with amazing old wallpaper and a sliver of a view of the ocean and stickers of fish on every light fitting, courtesy of my 3-year-old interior decorator!)

Wow, that took me forever to work out how to separate paragraphs. It's been a while..