Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baboushka's Birthday pt.2

Uh-huh, there's more. The weekend after little Bushki's birthday we had a big party for her down at my mum's place in Kiama. I cooked like a mad woman, overcompensated as I tend to do (we're still trying to finish a giant wheel of Brie and one of those big Toblerones), and Baboushka had a blast. So, er.. more photos!

Here's my grandmother with her three great-grandchildren. How incredible must that be, to know that, essentially, you're responsible for 3 generations? Three. Entire. Generations. It boggles my mind. I'm looking forward to grandmotherhood :-)

Bushki and her Unkie Dave.

We'd been trying to teach her to blow out her candles - she whistles and plays Pat's old school recorder, but no dice with candles.

Oh, and I found my dress at Salvos - a sixties Hawaiian barkcloth number for $7! Score!

Aw, here she is with Nanny and Grandpa.

And having some walking practice with her papa. She's taking steps, but not proper walking yet, unless someone is holding her hand.

Phew! Last one. She was so so so tired at the end of the party, but in true Bushki fashion she remained stoic and awake to wave off every last guest.

PS: Promise my next post will contain something other than copious pictures of my wee lady ;-)

Baboushka's Birthday

I've been meaning to share some photos of my little gumnut's birthday for a while now. I felt like a giant dork taking the camera everywhere, but I reasoned that it's the kind of thing she may well appreciate when she's older. And it's the blogging thing to do, right?

Her Unkie Mont was down from Brisbane for a couple of days, it was lovely to have him around (not least because he carried her everywhere).

She's incredibly fond of her crazy, giant uncles. I suspect she's going to grow up with a unique (read: warped) sense of humour if they have anything to do with it.

We had lunch at Bento, a teeny-weeny sushi place and one of our favourite haunts. $8 for miso, vegetable sushi, pancake and potatoes. Ridiculous and awesome. Baboushka had an enormous bowl of avocado and rice.

Then Pat and I took her out to another favourite place of eating, a Greek restaurant with fantastic skordalia, melitzanosalata and vegetable moussaka.

Needless to say, we had a couple of interesting nappies the next day...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Okay, I need to come up with seven things about myself that are interesting, as dear Megs from Box of Tricks has tagged me. She is having her baby today (!), so, you know, it's the least I can do ;-)

1) I married my French boyfriend when I was 22, and we broke up a year later. We're still married - we just haven't gotten around to organising the end of it, yet.

2) I am petrified of spider wasps. You know the big, black ones with bright orange wings that like to drag huntsman spiders around? I have nightmares that I am the huntsman spider, and that I end my days paralysed and eaten from the inside by spider wasp larvae.

3) I have had postnatal depression for about six months now, and I'm bumbling my way through various avenues to (hopefully) find a way to fix it. I'm extremely grateful that, as awful as it can get sometimes, it hasn't affected the way I feel about my little girl. And I probably won't write much more about it here - blogging is a bit of an escape, a 'happy place', if you will. But I'm also becoming more comfortable with being open about it.

4) Speaking of that little sprite, I thought I might clarify, just in case: Baboushka is her nickname. Aussie rhyming-slang and all that. I wouldn't really be so mean as to rob her of her youth by giving her the russian word for 'grandmother' as her name ;-)

5) I love clothes. I could even go as far as to say that I'm obsessed. Sometimes, when I'm having a cup of tea and reading blogs late at night, I'll put on one of my favourite op-shop scores - a sequinned 50s shell top, a vintage silk kimono - and just sit and feel generally excited.

6) Actually, maybe it's more the op-shop thing that I'm obsessed with. The clothes part is always good, but I feel the same about my thrifted teapots that will never serve any purpose other than to look beautiful. When I'm not wearing inappropriately glamourous clothes in front of the computer late at night, you'll find me taking photos of the aforementioned teapots, or composing love poems to Grindley sandwich plates.

7) The place that you won't find me late at night is in bed, asleep. It doesn't matter how early I wake up, I find I really have to force myself to go to bed. There's something about the witching hour that fills me with creativity and motivation. It's kind of annoying, but better to have it at midnight than not to have it at all :-)

Ahh, I won't tag anyone in particular, I'm very non-committal when it comes to tagging! But please tag yourself if you are so inclined!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday!

To my little sweet-pea, Happy Birthday for yesterday! I can't believe you are already 1 :-)

Monday, January 4, 2010

lilac wine

I don't tend to wear much purple - it was my favourite colour as a kid and I think I wore so much of it then that I'm still wary of it.

I've been half-heartedly going through my clothes and trying to get rid of some. It's ridiculous how much stuff I actually have, given that I only wear about 3 things (shorts, t-shirts and thongs in summer; jeans, long-sleeved tees and cowboy boot in winter). I came across this rad tutorial the other day that explains how to make kids' pants from old t-shirts, so I've been sorting through everything I don't wear anymore to make pants for my own little creepy-crawly (well, not so much creepy, but very, very crawly). I was about to cut up this old Bonds tee, but I loved the colour so much I stopped myself.

I bought a bunch of these tees last summer when I was heavily with child, and the thin cotton made them perfect for the 30-plus days. Now, of course, they're all stretched in the belly area, so I kind of hiked it up with a little badge to avoid the pouchy thing that was happening. Maybe I can take them in and get some more wear out of them? Or maybe they'll end up on Baboushka ;-)

(purple tee: Bonds
long-sleeved tee: also Bonds
badge: Milk Thieves
skirt: thrifted
boots: men's cowboys, eBay)