Thursday, August 27, 2009

So devoid of inspiration I can't even think of a decent post title

Ugh. The old blogger's ennui. It's what I've got. Here's a little picture in the meantime...


beth said...

A picture is a worth a thousand words and in this case contains more beauty than many words achieve :)

Chantelle said...

I hope you find your mojo soon. I know how it feels to lose it. xx

I am also just popping by to first of all thank you for your little juice tip. Thank you.

And to let you know that I wrote the wrong start date for Operation: Fat Mum Slim. It will actually start tomorrow. So get your running shoes on. :)

MLF said...

Hello Miss! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Do you have an enail address I can pop ou a quick word on? Kisses xxx

kimberlee said...

inspiration always comes around sooner or later:)

also I have added you to our blog roll, hope that's okay!

Iris said...

@beth: thanks! Nothing like a blindingly pretty bloom in the afternoon sun :-)

@Chantelle: it's kind of crappy to lose it, isn't it? I've been trying hard with my own Operation, in the meantime - I'll post about how it's going!

@MLF: thanks, sweetie - I'll miss MLF!

@kimberlee: why, thank you so much! Now I'll have to find my blogging mojo!