Tuesday, October 27, 2009

9 months

I remember, back when I was drifting about in a sleepy, milk-scented fog and everything about being a mother was brand new (and daunting, to say the least!), 9 months seemed like it was eons away. And yet, here we are, with crawling and size 1 onesies (!) and mashed vegetables and two adorable little toothypegs, and it feels like no time has elapsed at all.

And, I forgot to mention, pulling herself up with every stick of furniture in the house, and ignoring toys and baby-safe items in favour of anything and everything that is not. Like my knitting needles. Gotta run!


Miss.Katie said...

It goes super fast! my Ivy was in size 1 onesies at 9-10 months too!

I still kick myself that she is now 3, it indeed flyes.

Little Baboushka is gorgeous! she looks so cuddly and lovely <3

K.Line said...

In these photos she looks just like my little next door neighbour used to. And now that little girl is 9!

fayeee said...

She's adorable. Lovely pictures. x

Teeny and yet not teeny at all said...

Cutie-pie ain't she! Enjoy the time you have with her while she is still so little.

kimberlee said...

what a doll!

Iris said...

@Miss.Katie: I'm glad Babs isn't the only crazy-giant baby in the land ;-) And she is indeed amazingly cuddly.

@K.Line: how funny! I'd love to see photos of her as a 9-year-old to see what my wee lass will look like ;-)

@fayeee: thank you so much!

@Teeny: thanks, I'm doing my best to enjoy every little bit, although there is much encouragement in the walking department. Am I mad?

@kimberlee: thank you!

beth said...

Just beautiful - like her mum! xx