Tuesday, October 27, 2009


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This bedspread is a recent op-shop gem - I've been vaguely admiring pretty gold and pink ones that seem to be popping up on 'interiors' blogs lately, so I was pretty darned excited to find this one in my favourite deep turquoise colour. Salvo's has gone back to the '$10 linen bag' deal, i.e. you can fill an enormous garbage bag with as much stuff from the linen corner as you want for no more than $10. Thank goodness, as they've started charging insanely high amounts for everything else (today I saw a lamp for $100 and a vintage dress for $80. Clearly Salvo's is having an identity crisis and thinks it's an upmarket retro boutique).

I feel like I've been such a lame blogger lately. Our computer conked out a few days ago, and the laptop Pat hooked up to my screen doesn't have any of my photos on file. However, I was able to work out (a mighty feat, for someone with my severe lack of computer dexterity) that I can actually blog from my Flickr account! I may never even go back to my old ways...

PS: more apologies, the awful title puns are continuing.


Teeny and yet not teeny at all said...

Hey luvvy, thanks for the comment on my blog. Ditto, the girly stuff is fun these days. Isn't "Dirty Dancing" coming back out at the movies? I think (hope) so. As you know I totally covet your bedspread, it's divine.

Iris said...

@Teeny: hmmm, I'm not sure! That would be a nice tribute to Patrick, though :-)

Teenysparkles said...

Haha! Oh dear, I am a dork.

beth said...

The bedspread looks great with the bed :)