Wednesday, December 30, 2009

La Cigale

Sorry for the intermission! I blame yuletide and its accompanying craziness. We had about a hundred things on before December 25th and everything, coupled with faltering technology, not to mention thwarting the plans of possibly the cheekiest baby on the planet (lucky she's also one of the sweetest ;-)), has meant that, you know, I've been a big lame-O.

However, I did remember to take that photo. Here it is:

Baboushka and I went down to Jervis Bay that weekend for some q-time with my dad, who'd been away in Adelaide. We had a lovely weekend, despite both of us being under the weather. Poor little Babs had a nasty ear infection (which I didn't know about until I took her to the doctor the next week) and managed to soldier on regardless.

These were the runners-up for the Point + Shoot activity:

Peas in a pod, those two ;-)


K.Line said...

What fantastic photos. I can't decide which is my fave! Baby is getting so big and sweet! But that landscape... Oh, and the bug (creepy). Excellent work.

Happy New Year's.

Teenysparkles said...

All of them are good.
Enjoy the new year!

Maggie May said...

love the buggy! and the beautiful baby :)

beth said...

Love the sunset ( and the baby of course) :)