Friday, December 4, 2009

Point + Shoot

One of my favourite bloggers, Chantelle of the brilliant fat mum slim, has had the inspired idea to make a game she's called 'Point + Shoot'. This Sunday (6th December) is the day to take photos, many or just one, of whatever you happen to be doing that day, and then post about it on Monday. I'll be down at Jervis Bay, hanging out with Baboushka and my dad, sewing bags with my mum and hopefully getting some swimming lessons in.

I tried to get started on a similar, slightly more ambitious project a few months back. The plan was to take a photo every day, of anything at all, and post it up at my Flickr account. It was flawed from the beginning, as I was posting the photos in chunks (having the time each day to transfer photos from the camera, resize them and then upload them was not very realistic). Then our computer kicked the bucket, and all the photos I'd been taking so diligently each day are currently stored elsewhere. The idea of finding them and continuing with my little project gave me a bit of a brain hernia, so I abandoned it. Ah, blithe abandonement. Where would I be without you?

Anyhoo, back to whatever vague sort of post I was stringing together. Ah, yes. My ill-fated photo project and this weekend. I can actually make a not-so-tenuous link between the two! Above is one of my 'Photo-A-Day' photos of (a very small percentage of) the material I'll take with me to make into shoulder bags, using Amy Butler's 'Birdie Sling' pattern. I am eagerly excited to be finally making my way through the acres of material I've been amassing over the last year or so, while my mind has been bubbling away with sewing ideas that I haven't had time to realise. Never mind that I haven't touched a sewing machine since high school. I figure, the more hideous the result, the better the blog fodder ;-)


K.Line said...

Now that's the attitude - if it's good, it's great. If it's bad, it's just as good :-)

Lovely fabric photo.

Teenysparkles said...

Oh i hear ya! Once you get back on that sewing bike there'll be nothing to stop you! Which reminds me...I have some projects myself to get back onto to. *sigh* procrastinate..procrastinate..

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

Oh Jervis Bay... jealous! I can't wait to see part of your weekend. It sounds lovely.

Thanks for mentioning me. x

Annie said...

To answer your question about the cardigan: 52% cotton, 42% rayon, and 6% nylon. It's insanely soft! And the buttons are grey and pearly.

Stéphanie said...

I love the picture !

Iris said...

Thank you, all! I finished the bag (with a heck of a lot of help from my ma), will post photos soon :-)