Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baboushka's Birthday

I've been meaning to share some photos of my little gumnut's birthday for a while now. I felt like a giant dork taking the camera everywhere, but I reasoned that it's the kind of thing she may well appreciate when she's older. And it's the blogging thing to do, right?

Her Unkie Mont was down from Brisbane for a couple of days, it was lovely to have him around (not least because he carried her everywhere).

She's incredibly fond of her crazy, giant uncles. I suspect she's going to grow up with a unique (read: warped) sense of humour if they have anything to do with it.

We had lunch at Bento, a teeny-weeny sushi place and one of our favourite haunts. $8 for miso, vegetable sushi, pancake and potatoes. Ridiculous and awesome. Baboushka had an enormous bowl of avocado and rice.

Then Pat and I took her out to another favourite place of eating, a Greek restaurant with fantastic skordalia, melitzanosalata and vegetable moussaka.

Needless to say, we had a couple of interesting nappies the next day...


Teenysparkles said...

I'm absolutely drooling over your food choices.And bravo on taking the little one out with you to restaurants. As to the nappy, my favourite one over the years... was one that appeared to be clay; i even took it to the doctors. The Doctor thought I was nuts. I probably am.

Kellyansapansa said...

What great photos!

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

I am a weeping bundle of mess Iris. She's so loved and so blessed, your girl. What a wonderful year it's been.

Let me let you in on a little secret. The year between one and two is super fun, and filled with lots of girly giggles. Enjoy it. xx

Thanks for your comment on my Tetris post today. What you said really hit home for me. I'm going to write it up and put it so I can see it every now and again {amongst all the housework I'm making a lower priority}. xx

Permanently twenty three said...

What lovely pics. I love her little beauty spot on her forehead. I had one too when I was that age.

Iris said...

@Teenysparkles: I know, I gotta get rich so I can eat out every night! Ahh, except cooking is also good. Every second night, maybe. And I would absolutely take a weird, clay-like nappy to the doctor! You are completely sane. I used to save my earwax in my school diary, and once showed my biology teacher. He was revolted..

@Kellyansapansa: Thank you!

@Chantelle: Aw, Chantelle, you're the loveliest! It has been a wonderful year. And it will get better and better as more years pass and our memories edit out the less good stuff that isn't worth remembering ;-) The girly giggles and conspiring has already begun, it's my favourite age yet!

@Permanently twenty three: I love that mark! I'll be sad when it's faded. We may consider a tattoo..