Monday, June 27, 2011


If you happen to have procreated and made a lovely wee doppelganger, take solace in this wondrous, hilarious little person.

Try very hard not to let them see you cry. Otherwise, they will say things like "Oh darling, s'okay", "You my best friend, Mummy!", or "My love you so much, not be sad, Mummy", while patting your back affectionately, and make you cry even harder, and then make you feel terrified that you have done terrible, irreversible damage to their little soul.

However, this is most definitely not the time to beat yourself up. Assure yourself that you will do better, and do better.

Look at blissful photos of the two of you. Be sure to take more.

Indulge in a ridiculously large amount of cuddles. Rejoice in the fact that you can now have your little one fall asleep in bed next to you, with you listening to their amusing old-man snores and whimsical sleep-talking, without your as-yet childless boyfriend telling you that "she needs to learn about boundaries, she's too old to still be in your bed." Pfffft.


K.Line said...

Oh, what lovely photos. And kids are there to comfort their parents just as parents are there to comfort their ikids. That's how they learn empathy and compassion!

Helen said...

i love watching and listening to my daughter sleep beside me - such a peaceful, beautiful face. hehe the 'boundaries'....i think i lost that one the day she was born, oh well!

Iris said...

Thanks K, I like your take on the idea. She's definitely learning how to be a wonderful little comfort!

And Helen, I'm exactly the same - I brought her into bed with me on our first night together, in hospital, and haven't wanted to kick the habit! It's one of the loveliest things in the world :-)