Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obsession du Jour: AA

Soooooo...I'm a little bit obsessed with American Apparel at the moment. Actually, I've been coveting various items of clothing from their online store for over a year now, but I have only recently taken the plunge and actually purchased some of it (both as a little celebration of having my pre-pregnancy body back...well, mostly, anyway...and also because my taste in clothing seems to have changed now that I'm a mama).

My parcel arrived yesterday, containing:

- a hoodie (a birthday present for my brother Dave - he got back from 2 years in South-East Asia last December and he is not equipped for anything that even slightly resembles winter)

- an organic cotton tee in my favourite colour

- a stripey 50/50 tee

- a pair of trackies (okay, so the change that my taste in clothing has heralded is not a very glamourous one at all)

And the legend is true! These clothes really are as rad as everyone seems to be saying. I tried on the hoodie and it's cosy as all hell, the t-shirt is the best colour and the v-neck is much more flattering on my now-DD chest than crew-necks, and the trackies, wow! Ridiculously comfortable and they completely lack frump-factor.

So now I'm hooked, and another of my brothers, Tom, is too. Whenever he comes over for a cup of tea (which is most days, on his way home from uni), the conversation will invariably turn in an AA direction, and it's quite scary how we know exactly what the other is talking about when me mention a particular style or colour. I'm in the habit of putting myself to sleep by making mental lists of what I want to buy. Yesterday, I made a collage in Word with everything I want to get for Anouk (she already has a white hoody and a little turquoise tank).*

It's getting crazy. I think I need to go to AAA.

* I feel I should clarify - I do spend a bit of time on the computer, but it's almost always when I'm breastfeeding (net-surfing and email-typing are actually easier to do with a baby clamped to my boob than reading a book).

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