Friday, March 20, 2009

Tiki time

My dad recently told me of how, when I was not yet two months old, he and my mother took me to the movies, hoping to watch as much as possible (and planning to leave when I cried). As it was, I didn’t cry and they got to watch the whole thing. Which is impressive as the movie was Reds, which runs for 194 min.

So when Sunday arrived, chilly and overcast, I was secretly happy. It meant that we could go to Husky Pictures (my favorite cinema!) and test Anouk’s movie-going mettle. And - success! Not a peep. We got to watch to whole of Revolutionary Road, which I thought was great…in particular Kate’s gorgeous wardrobe.

**Attention! Possible spoiler ahead**

I am now convinced that I need a blue gingham shirt, tied at my waist to wear with crisp white shorts and cat’s-eye specs to the beach.
But what I’m really craving is a halterneck frock made from Hawaiian barkcloth, to wear to a retro tiki lounge and drink Mai-Tais and Singapore Slings (there's a scene in the movie where they go dancing at a tiki bar - Kate looks fab but I can't find any pictures). I’ve found a website that sells a huge range of barkcloth, I’m hoping to buy some soon (in addition to the Hawaiian floral styles, I'd kill for some of the rad atomic designs as well).

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