Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rest well

Sorry for the absence, folks.

The weekend before last, Pat's grandmother was in an accident and passed away. I won't go into it except to say that she was one of the loveliest people I've met, and she'll be very much missed. I'm so glad Baboushka was able to meet her. Here's my little tribute, in honour of her prolific patchwork quilting.

(Unfortunately I don't have any photos of her lovely quilts, so this one is pinched from here)


Eco-Chic-Mummy said...

That's terrible Iris. I'm so sorry.

tam said...

Sorry to hear of your loss x x

kimberlee said...

i am sorry to hear that, the quilt is so lovely , reminds me of a monet painting.

Iris said...

Thanks guys :-)

And the quilt is lovely, isn't it? I've got to try something similar one day. When I, you know, actually learn to quilt.