Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rollip, Rollip!

Thanks to Cristy of in a garden...somewhere, I have now discovered Rollip. I adore the old-school look of Polaroid pictures, and I've always been tempted to buy a Polaroid camera but haven't been able to find the film for it.

So, naturally, as soon as I read Cristy's post, I rushed as fast as my little fingers could type over to Rollip's website and started playing. I predict many, many more hours of Polaroid-ising my photos for fun. I had a go at trying out the different effects using a few of our Brisbane snaps:

And speaking of Cristy, if you haven't already discovered her blog, do yourself a favour and get over there! The segments on her gorgeous girl Lily's lunchboxes are particularly amazing. I wish my lunches were that good ;-)


Hannah said...

Gorgeous. Isn't Babushka a cherub? You'd also LOVE Poladroid.

Ballarat Vintage Style said...

I hope you don't mind, but I practically copied your post on my blog because I too fell in love with Rollip!

K.Line said...

They're great! The one of you is particularly lovely but who doesn't love the baby shots??

cristy said...

Oh I love that first shot of you. It's gorgeous.

I am worried about Babushka's hand in the last one though... :)

ps thanks for the lovely words re the blog!

Alexandra Redisch said...

fabulous! i will definetly check this out:)

Iris said...

@Hannah: Thanks! And I'll check out Poladroid, one can never have to many, er, Polaroid-ising websites ;-)

@Ballarat Vintage Style: 'course not! It's much too much fun.

@K.Line: baby shots win every time!

@Cristy: yes, it's not particularly vegetarian of Pat, is it?

@Alexandra: do it! Many hours of fun (good if you need to procrastinate).