Saturday, September 26, 2009

What the heck is with this wind?

I am beginning to wish that our toilet wasn't outside. One of my favourite stories of my grandmother's involves a particularly windy day, and her elderly father having the outside dunny literally blow off him,, ablutions. I'm trying not to think of waterfalls.

My two lovebugs have got the right idea - they've been snuggled up and asleep since 6:30pm (4 hours ago). Leaving me to peruse the Intermanets uninterrupted, a rare bliss indeed. The Explorer socks are out in force, I had oatmeal for dinner, I discovered that B52's tickets are $100 (d'oh) and I've fallen for these two blogs:

The Little House By The Sea

and Thrift Candy.
Oh, to be in a floral dress in a sun-filled, un-windy garden.

Speaking of wind, I just had a thought: I wonder if the French words vent (wind) and ventre (stomach) are etymologically related? Because, the stomach is part of the digestive system, and when one has 'wind'...ah, you know what I'm getting at.


Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

How beautiful is the blog Thrift Candy. And Clover is such a spunky little girl. x

K.Line said...

OK, sorry to seem like an idiot, but are you camping right now or do you live a very off-the-grid existence with the washroom being outside?

And your thought about the links between vent and ventre seem entirely plausible to me.

Rosie said...

Oh, tell me about it - I was walking the dog this morning, and actually got caught by a gust of wind, and blowin into the (thankfully empty) road.

The Thrift Candy blog looks gorgeous!

Missa said...

Aw, thanks! Enjoying your blog as well :)

Hope the wind has died down. I once lived in a little cabin in a redwood forest that required going outside to get into the bathroom, not fun on cold mornings. At least there was no danger of the structure blowing away though, yikes!

Iris said...

@Chantelle: Clover is adorable! What a little spunk indeed :-)

@K.Line: we are a little 'back-to-basics' when it comes to the house. Outside toilet, no's kinda like the Dark Ages here ;-)

@Rosie: my gosh, I'm so glad the road was empty! Scary.

@Missa: thanks for stopping by! A cabin in a redwood forest, that sounds so lovely...