Sunday, April 26, 2009


If there is one thing in this world that I loathe, it is those flipping blower-things that people use to remove leaves and grass clippings from their driveways. Maybe I'm missing something, but WHYYY?!

There are about one hundred better solutions to your garden debris problems, none of which need wake me and my family up on a Sunday morning. The primary one being: if you are too bad-backed/unimaginative/lazy to use a broom yourself, go retro and pay one of the neighbourhood kids 20 bucks to get in and do it for you. Voilà! A tidy yard, fresh air and exercise for today's youth and minimal carbon emissions.


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RoLuc said...

So true!!!!

We just moved into a smaller house which has one tiny patch of lawn. I gave away my petrol mower and now use a 50 year old puch mower. It's lovely.