Friday, April 3, 2009

Obsession du jour: dulce de leche

Ever since reading somewhere that I could make my own dulce de leche (or confiture de lait, a habit picked up in France) by simply boiling a tin of condensed milk, I make it every now and then when I find myself at the mercy of a non-negotiable desire for something sticky and caramelised. That is, I make it if I can leave it to boil for long enough - many an unripe batch of dulce has been prematurely plucked from its saucepan in a fit of impatience...and then finished to the sound of, "well, I wouldn't want it to go to waste..".

When I found a recipe for dulce de leche brownies on David Lebovitz's site, accompanied by this picture:


I thought, "Ooo-ee! Two of my favourite things merged into one deliciously congruent whole! It's time to buy a lamington pan." I made the brownies late last night (my new-favourite time to bake, now that my schedule revolves around my little milkmaid), and, sweet mother of Willy Wonka, they are as fabulous as they look!

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