Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fancy Fruit

My current obsession in the land of tea is a blend from the local tea-orium (?) with the delightfully camp name of Red Fancy Fruit. It's made with rooibos and 'summer petals' (sadly, I'm not sure which ones exactly). Red tea is my favourite due to both it's lack of caffeine and it's supposed iron content. And it tastes good (a relief after years of pretending to like green tea).

I'm addicted, and the nice part is that I'm not actually addicted (no caffeine!). I've just discovered that I can purchase 1.1kgs of red tea for about $40 on Natural Health Direct. That sounds like good value to me...and then all I need to do is scavenge some 'summer petals', chuck them in with the tea, and voilà! I've got myself some Red Fancy Fruit.

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