Saturday, April 25, 2009


This could be my favourite movie. I used to think that it was impossible to name a favourite, but this is one I can watch over and over and still grin the whole way through it. I love Göran and his beard so much; I love Anna and her insistence on lower-half nudity, Klas with his bad haircut and his nervous crush on Lasse, friendly old Birger and the little boy Tet, who wears girls' shoes and plays 'torture' (where he and Stefan enact Pinochet's regime by pretending to electrocute one another. It shouldn't be funny, but it sort of is). And Erik, I love Erik and his socialist angst.

But it's the end scene, the soccer one, that kills me. No matter how cynical, cranky or melancholy I may feel, I'm always left feeling cheerful/calmer and/or hopeful that there is still some good left amongst us miserable human beings.

Oh, and the soundtrack is rad.

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