Sunday, April 19, 2009

Obsession du jour: Space Age

A snippet of a conversation with a friend this morning goes something like this:
Me "Yo Mark (referring to Mark's planet-covered hoodie), that's a cool hoodie."
Mark: "Thanks."
Me: "I love planets!"
Mark: "Yep, planets are coming in, man."

I'm not really someone who cares a lot as to whether something is 'in' or not (and I passionately detest the use of 'in' as an adjective), but lately I find I actually have the time to care. I know what is meant when one 'Rodarte-ifies' a knitted jumper. I am excited that my giant knitted scarf was finished in time for Missoni's Fall 2009RTW collection. I could recognise a Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton 'Spicy' shoe from a mile away, and it's driving me mad.

I must remedy this, and I'll do so in the only way I know how: find the nerdiest antitheses of fashion that I can think of. Which isn't easy, given that pretty much everything around these days was in fashion at some point or other. It's as though we have arrived at the end of fashion, and the only thing left to do is to try and re-invent everything in new (or as new as is possible) ways.

And so, my current obsession: the Space Age. Next chance I get I will wear my planet t-shirt (which I nicked from the wardrobe of my ex-husband, which he used to wear as a pubescent, bespectacled youth. How's that for nerdy?). I will listen to my Space Age Lounge CD
and watch The Jetsons And I will take my white golf shoes (I think they are golf shoes?) to my trustworthy cobbler and get them re-coloured in silver.

I agree with Mark. Planets are in (even if only for me).

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