Sunday, April 26, 2009

Liberty love

Gargh! It's the zeitgeist. I started writing this post on Friday night and got distracted (easy to do when one is housing a dairy). Come Saturday morning, the Sydney Morning Herald's Spectrum segment is hailing Liberty prints as being 'in' (garrrgh!).

Anyways, my intention was simply to confer my love of Liberty. Not just their pint-sized petal prints, but their abstract-patterned silk scarves, their jewellery and silverware and, most of all, the luxurious, stylised art-nouveau designs from William Morris (who's a bit of a hero of mine).

Liberty's miniature florals are why I want to take up quilting, and also why I've always loved the designers Cacharel. William Morris is why I started collecting vintage silk scarves (I use the term 'collect' loosely - my collection is not very extensive). His 'Hera' feathers, his cheeky 'Strawberry Thieves', his lovely 'Ianthe' print. I want this, this, this, and this. Lordy me, if I were to set foot in the Liberty store, I would not be responsible for the mad clamour that would ensue.

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