Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bye-bye, lovely weather

This is from about two weeks ago - we decided to enjoy the unseasonably delightful weather by going for a stroll through the local botanical gardens. I forgot the camera, but Pat dutifully took some pictures of us back at home, basking in the last of the daylight. For some reason, I'd decided to make an effort and replaced my usual shorts and thongs with my new high-waisted jeans and espadrille wedges (thank you to Pat for recording this rare event). Actually, neither of those were actually new - due to my being allergic to paying RRP for anything (except, possibly, milk and bread) I got them off eBay.

Now, the weather is looking more like this:

Ooh, some more autumnal shots. If you look closely, I think there is a rosella right in the centre..

And now, off to Bowral again. Brrrr...


Chantelle said...

Beautiful outfit. And look at that ever so smiley face! x

Aya Smith said...

That is such an adorable picture of you two, I just want to squeeze both of you, lol XD

Iris said...

@Chantelle: thank you! The jeans are so much nicer than trackies, I really should make the effort more often ;-)

@Aya: thank you too, Aya! My little one is definitely very squeezable :-D