Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Elephant Boy

St Pat and I have been taking a heck of a lot of photos of late, so I'll stick them up with appropriate commentary and that should get the mojo back..

Last week, us three bundled up and went up to Bowral to visit Pat's lovely mother. The Southern Highlands are just beautiful this time of year, but, mild-weathered coast-dweller that I am, I'm not used to the cold. However, this means that I have an excuse to wear my favourite coat of all time (a $20 op-shop splurge. I remember being hesitant due to the hefty price tag; thank the gods that good sense prevailed). To date, the only other place it has seen frequent wear is mid-winter France.

We (well, I - Pat and his mum have part-anti-freeze blood, and Baboushka was swaddled in so many layers she resembled a beach ball) braved the icy cold and walked into town to Elephant Boy, a marvellous cafe with book-lined walls and coffee served in bowls.

We also journeyed to The Cheese Store for some raclette (yay, winter!), and I did a bit of thrifting (sadly, not much was uncovered, just a few books).

Back at the homestead, we got cosy in front of the old stove and drank tea and knitted and chatted and ate sticky date cake from the Gumnut Bakery (apparently, their motto is "Life's short - eat dessert first". Ah, a bakery after my own heart!)

We'll be back there next week - I'm working at the Bowral Art School for the first time. Good God I hope they have powerful heating..


K.Line said...

She is gorgeous!! What cheeks.

Amanda said...

I LOVE Bowral...sigh...

MLF said...

Sounds like a perfect day! xxx

Iris said...

@ K.Line: what cheeks indeed! I had the same ones as a baby - my nickname was 'Jabba'. Cruel, cruel family ;-)

@Amanda: Bowral is lovely, isn't it? Every time we're there I think I'd like to move there...as long as we invest in good heaters!

@MLF: 'twas a lovely day!