Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Redhead

I feel I've been receiving subliminal messages lately to dye my hair red. Tori Amos has a new album out. I've been re-watching Six Feet Under for the hundredth time (okay, maybe seventh) and as infatuated as ever with Clare's Pre-Raphaelite locks. And now I can't stop listening to La Roux (who, it is said, draws inspiration from possibly my favourite redhead of all time, Annie Lennox).

I'm even going to look past the grammatical glitch of her pseudonym (it should be 'La Rousse') in my admiration. Look at her cool threads! :

(pictures via Google - yes, back to Google image-pilfering. Too tired/hands too full to snap anything this week)

If I'm going to shamelessly style-copy with the hair, I may as well go and find myself a cameo pendant to boot..

PS: although something tells me I won't do anything to my hair, and The Bobble will continue its reign..


Bells said...

I've gone Tori red several times over the years. I've never quite gotten over how she looked around 92-93. And Claire Fisher is a gorgeous red head. I think I wish I was a real red head.

Alli said...

i've had red, and i mean fire-engine red hair once, and it was bad! it wan't supposed to be that red, but that's the way it turned out. i haven't really coloured my hair at home since:) i also dyed it dark red at the hairdresser's, but i looked too much like one of those emo punkers, not a good look for me:) but i'd love a natural red look, like anne of green gables! i might colour it like that when the colour i have at the moment fades away:)

Iris said...

So do I *sigh* Although apparently Tori is not originally red..?

Iris said...

@Alli: I once died my hair red to play Anne of Green Gables! Ah, my pre-pubescent days as a devoted thespian :-)