Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy B-Day...

Dad! It's a bit late coming (his actual birthday was several weeks ago. Bad daughter!), but better late than never, I s'pose.

One of my earliest memories of my Dad is of him teaching me to swim, and later, to snorkel. I still love both (although I don't do enough snorkelling these days). We're always saying that we'll get our scuba-diving licenses together - maybe this summer we'll finally stop talking and actually do it?! Here's Dad at one of our favourite swimming spots (secret location is highly classified!):

He's been going down the coast to the same South Coast holiday spot since he was a baby, and so have my brothers and I. He is utterly in love with the place, and so are we.

Dad has a wicked sense of humour, very dry and often sarcastic. He's very much an environmentalist with a strong social conscience, and his fierce intellect and penchant for cryptic crosswords is intimidating! I wonder if I would have found the motivation to knuckle down and finish my degree (while 8 months' pregnant!) without his quiet encouragement.

(Here we are with two of my brothers, Dave and T-Bone)

No tribute to Dad would be complete without mentioning what a marvellous grandad he is to Baboushka. If ever a grandfather has been besotted with his grand-daughter! And she has a special soft spot for Dad - together they read stories, explore the backyard, have big squeezy hugs, chew on all manner of toys that he brings over (well, Babs does most of the chewing), and playing in cardboard boxes!


Shawna said...

Your family, especially the baby, is so cute!! Happy birthday, dad.

Shawna's Study Abroad

anne h said...

Very nice - little kangaroos in the yard -OMG!

Anonymous said...

Aw so sweet, he must be very proud of you :)

MLF said...

Your Dad sounds so special! Lucky you.....he's so sweet with Baboushka too! Hey, have you seen how crazy the Polyvore meme is going? Check it out:

Iris said...

@Shawna: thank you so much!

@anne h: the kangaroos are so sweet, aren't they? Very good-natured and fuzzy, too :-)

@MLF: yep, he's a lovely person :-) And I can't believe the Polyvore business! How exciting!!

Rosie said...

Your dad sounds wonderful!