Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Gargh, what a ditz I am. This is why:

Wonderful Eco-Chic-Mummy from one of my favourite blogs, Hippie on the Inside, recently posted about having a Buy Nothing July. As someone who gets as much of a kick out of being frugal as I do buying something nice (how does that even work?!), and who finds the idea of compacting immensely appealing, I thought, "By golly, maybe I could give it a go, too!".

So today, Baboushka and I had lunch in town with my mum and my brother T-Bone, and afterward we all decided to go for a quick peek at our favourite op-shop. I ended up finding some treasures (to be posted once photos are taken), and felt like quite the clever little thrifter. I remembered Buy Nothing July, and thought to myself, "Hey! Lucky I got that in before July!" and had the brainwave to go and book the haircut I've been thinking about having for months. Actually, years - I haven't had a haircut in about 4 years.

I've been feeling so very excited about this haircut - the scalp massage! The smell of hairdressers' products! The flattering lights! The free coffees! The glossy magazines! All so la-dee-dah. Not to mention the nice, hopefully manageable hairstyle at the end of it all. I've been cutting my own hair with rusty kitchen scissors for 4 years (occasionally using a nail-clipper to trim errant chunks <-- this is such a bad idea) and letting a professional take over will be a nice change.

But I've just noticed that today is actually the first of July. I don't know what day I thought it was (knowing the date is not currently one of my strong points), but July was not it.

*sad face*

Maybe I should make this July more of a 'Compacting July', seeing as I've already kind of mangled my attempt?

PS: Or maybe I should actually say no to the haircut? I can't decide what to do with this mop - the 'safe' part is leaning towards something Uma-esque, but the slightly-less-safe Iris is incurably drawn to a Seberg-style crop...


Bug said...

I think you would look both either way - i love both of the styles you chose

MLF said...

Gasp! No more top knot?! Garghhh!
But wow, I think the crop would look amazing on you! Sneak the haircut in (otherwise you'll curse your hair for a whole month) and then do the 'buy nothing month' from the 4th July to the 4th August. Easy peasy xxx