Sunday, May 31, 2009


Oooh, I love velour. My first clear recollection of an encounter with the stuff goes back to when we upgraded the family car from rusty old Corona to beloved '85 Tarago. Delilah the Bronze Bullet, how I miss you and your little idiosyncracies. Your sticky brakes. Your cute little "bimp!" sound. Your Hollywoodian wheels. *sheds tear*

Anyways, I remember being entranced by the velour seats more than any other feature, how I could smooth it one way and draw on it with my fingertips. I kept myself amused on many a long car trip this way. Thus, my love of velour. And thus my happy op-shop discovery of a velour blazer in a variation of my favourite green-blue hue (officially Midnight Green. Yep, it's late, Baboushka's having an hours-long dinner and I'm indulging in my love of the lost art of colour-naming. I should be working for Crayola).

Only thing is, it's a wee bit big for me. I'm not sure if I should keep it and love it for all its velour-y, Midnight Green-y goodness, or pass it on to a more deserving home via eBay?


Parapluie said...

It looks great on you!

Alli said...

yeah, it doesn't look too big. gorgeous colour also!

Iris said...

Oh, thanks guys!

Although this makes the job of 'wardrobe-streamlining' so much harder ;-)