Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Airport hijinks

I do love me a jaunt to the airport (yesterday it was to pick up brother Monty), even if it makes me pine for world-wide travel (not to mention the indulgent feeling of padding about in socks on the plane!). So, how to avoid Envy's cold, green claws? Wear something sprightly and sweet!

tweed cap: Salvo's
silk scarf: Liberty, secondhand eBay
wooden bead necklace: thrifted
top: Kookai, gift from mum
skirt: American Apparel, also gift from mum (thanks, Ma!)
tights: who knows?
men's boots: secondhand eBay


Anonymous said...

Very cute outfit!

MLF said...

This outfit is amazing, I love everything about it! Definatly one to keep on file for any future 'can't get dressed' mornings! xxx

beth said...

Now I've found out I can comment, there's no stopping me. Absolutely gorgeous!!

Iris said...

@Ballarat Vintage Style: thank you! I love your blog, such great outfits.

@MLF: hehe, sometimes I dream about having a computer program to help me choose outfits, à la Cher in Clueless!

@Beth: yay, I'm so glad you can comment now! Your other computer clearly doesn't like me ;-)