Friday, July 10, 2009

Personal Style Challenge - Version LBD

Ella has come up with a new spin on the Polyvore Personal Style Challenge - the Little Black Dress version!

When it comes to the Little Black Dress, I'd splash out and go for something unashamedly sexy, while still maintaining a bit of old-school glamour. For me this means tousled, come-hither hair, liquid liner, a tight-but-not-too-short dress and some ridiculously gorgeous, green-feathered shoes.

Speaking of the hair, I'm not really one for Vogue but have you seen this editorial with Aussie model Abbey Lee Kershaw?

Pencil skirts and cute tees as retro Riviera chic? Wow. I officially miss summer..


K.Line said...

I love your take on the LBD.

MLF said...

Wow, I love this old glamour look! It's so classy and beautiful x
Hey, that Vogue editorial is amazing......whodda thunk - pencil skirts and t-shits, it's totally hot xxx

Jessi said...

please buy one when miss 5 months is a bit bigger! I can make one for her in a size 0!! :)

I am thinking about making some in mummy sizes soon too!


beth said...

Finally, I'm on a computer which allows me to comment! I love this post, especially Abbie-Lee's chair. What was really unnerving was that all day while driving through Surfers I've been thinking of opening a shop called Riviera (!)

Aya Smith said...

Oh, that outfit is something else! I love it. And yes, her hair is perfect! :D

Iris said...

@K.Line: thanks, I love a good LBD. Even though I have no occasion to wear one!

@MLF: Whoudda thunk, indeed! And I'm pretty much in love with the house, as well.

@Jessi: making them in mummy sizes is a very good idea :-D

@Beth: creepy familial ESP! Opentheshopopentheshopopentheshop. I'll work in it!

@Aya: Isn't the hair gorgeous? I wish mine were long enough and voluminous enough for those curls..

Danielle said...

gorgeous. I cant wait to play.