Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ode to op-shopped furniture..

This is my lounge room. Well, half of it. Or maybe just a corner...anyway:

The sideboard was from my favourite op-shop, and at $120 I think it is the most I've ever paid for a piece of furniture. I saw it, decided to think about it for a day, and that night I had nightmares about other people buying it. I raced to the shop at 9am and almost peed with relief that it was still there.

The lamp...well, that's a nice little story, maybe I'll leave it for another post. The armchair was a side-of-the-road find (there are actually two of them). While I was lugging them home on my back, heavily pregnant and in the middle of summer (not a good idea), a carload of young males drove past, stopped to drop a friend off, and drove away. And they say chivalry is dead!!

My photos don't even come close to showing just how lovely the dark wood is, nor the pretty bakelite handles. The Ladurée bag came home from Paris with my mum, complete with a box of delectable macaroons, and is a daily reminder that I should..erm, eat more macaroons..

On top of the dresser live some of my favourite botanical and marine curiosities. The triangular thing is a piece of coral my brother The Yeti brought back from Thailand, and I drew the crayfish myself!

And my little collection of butterflies. I had found all three of them, already dead, and so my mum got me this box to keep them in. Behind is a bowlful of Pat's origami.

This is the first 'proper' artwork I ever owned, created by one of my outrageously talented aunts.

The Parker coffee table *sigh*. I fell in love with it's Danish good looks and $30 price tag (same op-shop as the sideboard). Only when we got it home did we discover the Parker stamp, which, brand-snob that I am, made me love it more.

(a close up of the strip of rad-patterned barkcloth on the coffee table.)

Maybe one day I'll get around to tidying the other half of the room..

PS: How hot is our carpet?!


Eco-Chic-Mummy said...

I love it - everything's so meaningful as well as beautiful!

MLF said...

I adore everything here! have so much space! I may have to come and kill you for your coffee table. It's superb xxx

Marmelindela said...

I love your room! Especially the frames, especially the butterflies. Pretty.

MLF said...

DID YOU SEE US?! We're featured on the official Polyvore blog! Even more awesome, your outift is the one featured! I blogged about the blogging xxx

Iris said...

@Eco-Chic-Mummy: thank you! I'm definitely a hoarder, anything that has the slightest bit of meaning is kept (and it drives me nuts!) ;-)

@Marmelindela: thank you, too! It was so lucky to find those butterflies, they're just beautiful but I could never kill one myself..

@MLF: thanks :-) I'm so in love with the coffee table that I'm considering coasters. Noooooo!

And I DID SEE US! So darned exciting! Geeze, who'd of thunk it?

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous things you have. The crayfish drawing is amazing.