Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Well, we're pretty much famous

Who could have guessed that an idle bit of sartorial time-occupying could have grown, mushroom-like, into the Polyvore Personal Style Challenge?! Lovely, gorgeous Mademoiselle Lady Finger has just informed me that we even made it onto Polyvore's blog! There are over 100 sets, that's pretty darned exciting.

Speaking of travel jealousy! Lucky Cat of Impossible Colour's cute outfit for a Parisian sojourn ;-)

It's amazing (and heartening! Thank goodness for individuality) to see how much variation there is between people's choices. To everyone who has played, will play or is playing, thank you!


Miss.Katie said...

Love the outfit:-)

And ryc - it is actually funny you say that about Ivy, Iris was on my short list between Ivy and Edith, Iris is my grandmothers younger sisters name and I think it is de lovely:) It was a matter of a lucky dip in the end lol

MLF said...


a cat of impossible colour said...

Yay! I'm all famous. Haha. Yes, that challenge really took off - well done you!

Iris said...

@Miss.Katie: Ivy and Edith are ridiculously cute together, I think you may have to have another daughter for that reason alone!

@MLF: yay!

@Cat: your outfits was definitely one of my favourites!