Monday, July 20, 2009

Oooh, an award!

Wow! Lovely Angel from Vintage Angel has given me a blog award! Thank you, Angel :-) There are a couple of rules that go with it:

* Copy the logo and place it on my own blog
* Link it back to the person who gave it to me
* Pass it on to five fellow bloggers (I'm living dangerously and giving eight)
* List 10 things about myself

I would like to pass this award on to some of my absolute favourite bloggers:

Ballarat Vintage Style

Hippie on the Inside
fat mum slim
Vintage Stories

1) My obsession with all things 1920's gives me the distinct feeling of having been born 80 years too late;

2) I drink tea every day, without fail;

3) I've been an artist's model for three years now and it's one of my favourite jobs so far;

4) I don't play any instruments but I'm quite the whistler;

5) My pet hates include systemic functional grammar, leaf blowers and people who litter;

6) I'd quite like a reptilian pet, like a carpet python or an iguana;

7) Current obsessions include travelling all over Europe under the guise of it being a 'linguistic pilgrimage';

8) I wish my hair was naturally curly and red;

9) If I had to name something I collect, I'd say vintage silk scarves. But it's not a very big collection;

10) I have about 100 courses/diplomas/classes/etc that I want to do 'one day'. Maybe I not-so-subconsciously miss being a full-time student and am trying to find a way to keep living the dream...


K.Line said...

Thanks so much Iris! I should disclose, sometimes I'm crap at doing these in any sort of timely fashion! - please know it's not because I don't love the love - I'm just all over the place. Kxo

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on numbers 1 & 2. With regards number 3, what an interesting job!

Eco-Chic-Mummy said...

Awwww! Thanks Iris! My 1st award : )

I'm not very good at writing interesting things about myself, but maybe I'll try to think of an alternative list...

Iris said...

@K.Line: no dramas, if I wasn't at home so much I would be completely crap at these things (in fact, I doubt I'd even be in blogland)!

@Ballarat Vintage Style: how did I forget you?! And I just realised that you're not on my blog roll! Darned baby-brain...
And it's funny, I always thought it would be an interesting job but now it seems very "another day at the office", sort of thing!

@Eco-Chic-Mummy: aw, you're always writing such interesting things, I know you can come up with 10 about yourself ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the littering thingy. So not cool.

My latest way to combat it is to call the EPA litterbug line if I see someone drop ciggie butts out their window. They get a warning in the mail from the EPA.

I know it's a dobber-like thing to do, but if they do it a few times, they receive a fine - and are probably unlikely to do it again!

Iris said...

@Permanently twenty three: oh wow, that sounds really, really good. I 99% don't like being a dobber, but for the other 1%, victory is sweeeeet.

I'm going to let my inner vigilante loose and use that EPA litterbug line. Thanks for the tip ;-)

Amanda said...

Thank you, sweetie...I'm soooooooo behind with my blogs that I just noticed the tag! Will remedy the way, you're up on my Can't Live Without (pressing 'publish' very soon!)

beth said...

I love these images! I'll do my tag soon xx

Iris said...

@Amanda: thanks for the lovely intro on your Can't Live Without! I hope all's well :-D

@beth: good stuff, looking forward to it!