Saturday, July 18, 2009


In other news, I'm a bit poorly today. Pat's been sick with a cold all week and now I've got it. Bouh :-(

Here's an outfit post from about a month ago that I completely forgot to put up:


Chantelle said...


Get better ASAP! x

beth said...

The top-scarf-earrings combination is gorgeous :)

Aneets said...

The colours are great.
Love the scarf! I wish I could pull that look off, would be great when am having anot so good hair day.

Iris said...

@Chantelle: fingers crossed it goes away soon, I'm a terrible sickie. Although I do enjoy the ol' lemon tea with honey ritual :-)

@beth: thanks! Do you recognise the earrings?!

@Aneets: this is my favourite scarf of all time :-) I used to be too scared to wear it for fear of wrecking it, but it's too great to be kept hidden in a drawer..

Anonymous said...

Love the mini and boots. You look super foxy. Great scarf too. High five to vintage!