Sunday, July 12, 2009


If I were to answer that ridiculous, yet for some reason, ubiquitous question, "What's your favourite colour?", my answer would be turquoise. But really, my love of blue-green hues extends from darkest Midnight Green, through viridian, jade, aquamarine, celadon all the way to the palest shade of seafoam. I knew PAt was the man for me when he got me the above Pantone mug for my birthday (and, because hot beverage enthusiasts can never have too many mugs, I later purchased this one to keep 337C company).

So, along just about everyone with a passing interest in fashion in blogland, I was immediately enamoured of Karl Lagerfeld's latest collection for Chanel:

For probably the first time ever I even noticed the models' nail colour. I was briefly tempted to hunt down a similar shade for my own talons, which is unheard of for me (I will never reconcile myself to nailpolish. Or most makeup, for that matter). I also loved the pale shell pink (also unheard of - poor Baboushka is often mistaken for a baby boy as she's so rarely in pink).

Sometimes I wonder if, when starting each new collection, Karl et al simply pull a crayola out of a hat. And then sit back and laugh when they see us wearing it..


MLF said...

Oh my! That colour is simply beautiful and calming.......imagine it on your nails though Iris, it'd be just too good.
I'm with you on the bebe` in pink thing. Although I don't have a bebe` myself, wild horses would cross my path first if I ever decked her out in frothy pink (or purple for that matter).....blughhhh!

beth said...

Love the celadon outfit!

Iris said...

@MLF: you know what Baboushka is wearing tonight? Pink and purple striped (hand-me-down) leggings! Gargh! They are actually kind of cute...

@Beth: gorgeous colour, right? And even though the pants look like something Olga would've worn, slap them on a Chanel catwalk and I love them!

Alli said...

oh, i love all kinds of teal and aquamarine! i bought some dangly earrings with a glass ball in aquamarine with bits of gold in it, it looks just like a small planet. AND they have a swarowski crystal on them as well:) i love them. i also have a teal bag from donna karan, which is referred to as "the baaaag" in my house, as it is the most perfect bag in the world.

by the way, i've read in all the mags that aquamarine and coral are the colours to wear this season, so it should be right up our alley!

Iris said...

@Alli: small planet earrings? Wow. These I need to see. And your bag (sorry, the baaaag) sounds divine!