Saturday, July 25, 2009

Garden galavanting

We've been having some particularly gorgeous weather in the old 'Gong the last few weeks - perfectly clear, sunny days that are warm enough to get about in a t-shirt, while the nights are cold enough to warrant seriously cosy measures like steaming hot soup, chocolate pudding and watching Weeds under a blanket.

Last Wednesday, Baboushka and I took full advantage of the glorious day outside and journeyed to the local Botanical Gardens, where I practiced using Pat's la-dee-dah camera:


K.Line said...

Jesus - I LOVE these images. Where exactly is this place? I thought it was winter where you are?

cristy said...

Very pretty. It's so nice to have a sunny day to pull you outdoors in winter.

Iris said...

@K.Line: I live south of Sydney, on the coast, so the winters are pretty mild. Thank goodness. Hence my dramas with living inland!

@Cristy: It's such a relief - I like the idea of a 'proper' winter, but I'm such a sook when it actually happens ;-)

MLF said...

I love these photos xxx

Miss.Katie said...

Wow you are from the Gong?

I was born there, we moved to S.A when I was 7 but I go back there every few years, infact I will be there in Summer, most of my extended family still live there:) What area are you from