Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh, Róisín!

I can't quite think what went through my mind when I purchased this on a whim a few weeks ago:

It was probably around the witching hour, I was probably feeding Baboushka and browsing eBay at the same time, sleep and sanity were probably lacking. But I have a sneaking suspicion that this fine lady may have had something to do with it:

Róisín! You crazy, tight-sweatered minx, you! Of course I would have seen a picture of you sporting a futuristic confection from Gareth Pugh and come to the conclusion that I needed something similar!

So, while scanning eBay for well-priced (ie, under $20), hardy jackets to shield me from winter's impending chill, a cherubic, winged-Róisín appeared up on my right shoulder. On the other shoulder, a drab, beige-clad, clip-board-wielding Róisín popped up. And, well, Angel Róisín won.

It arrived a few days ago (with a heart-decorated note from a friendly, anonymous neighbour, saying it had landed on his/her doorstep last month. Thanks, neighbour!). I feel kind of like a futuristic matador from the Wild West when I wear it, so it probably won't be as versatile as I'd been hoping for in a jacket. But it fits p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y and makes me feel like a kooky Irish singer, so practicality be damned!


Miss.Katie said...

I love coming to your page and seeing the lovely outfits:-)

Roisin is a stylish minx, we were just rocking out to Ruby Blue here:-)

beth said...

Could you please do a post with you wearing it?

Iris said...

@Katie: thank you! I'll try to keep documenting the days I manage to shed the trackies ;-)

@Beth: I will...once I work out what to wear it with!