Saturday, May 9, 2009

Coffee in a pretty teacup..

Yesterday, I did actually attempt something I'd said I would (photograph elements of my 'perfect' day). There's a first time for everything!

Crosswords (and please note casually strewn-out origami paper!):

Coffee in cups that I love but often forget to use:

A happy Baboushka!

And big smoochy kisses (my favourite):

Funny how such a day now consists of simple and easy activities conducted close to home. Once upon a time I would have dreamt up something a little more exotic (probably involving water-skiing, a hot foreign dude and gin martinis. Very James Bond of me).

But the day didn't stop there. We three (I love it when St Pat has a day of in the middle of the week) went out to our favourite place for cheap sushi and noodles, and then I got to pick out presents for Mother's Day, v. spoilt. Later in the evening Pat and I shared a milkshake, and I even found half a Caramello Koala while searching for brown sugar. Needless to say, I went to sleep one contented lady.


Bells said...

that's a gorgeous cup. I have some like that that I don't use often enough too. too easy to go for the regular cups.

Iris said...

Thanks Bells! Too easy, indeed. I think I'll splash out and use them again tomorrow..