Monday, May 11, 2009

Go Vego

After over a year of not having tv, Pat and I caved. It wasn't so much a moral stand against television (although the quality of shows these days seems a bit dire. Seriously, what is 20/01?) as an aesthetic concern - our set looks best against a particular wall, and the aerial cord is located in an opposite corner of the room. So we decided to buy a length of cord and keep it coiled away when the tv is not in use. That this development coincided with Madmen appearing on SBS is no coincidence.

One very cool new thing to have happened to the world of television since I was last there is the appearance of advertisements encouraging people to adopt a vegetarian diet. Well, of course I think this is a good thing, being of the herbivore school myself. I guess I just think it's about time - meat-eaters have had Sam 'Jurassic Park' Neil on their side, for goodness sake, so it's heartening to see a little promotion for our 'side'.

I haven't been able to locate any links pertaining specifically to the SBS campaign, but I did come across this one:


In an effort to further promote the various benefits from eating low on the food chain, my plan is to post as many vegetarian and vegan recipes as I can (after testing them out myself, of course!). And I can pretty much guarantee that they will all be pretty darned easy, as my wee lady does not generally permit me a lot of time for fussy food preparation.

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Vegan and Vintage said...

Hey! thanks for visiting my blog, I wrote a quick how to for you in the comments box under yours. Lovely to meet a fellow veg*n!!