Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's cold outside and my feet are like ice-blocks!

One of my goals this winter is to keep warm. That seems kind of ridiculous, but I've got that 'strayan thing when it comes to winter, the one where we just sort of ignore that it's cold and grit our teeth until it's warm again. The reason that my feet are so cold is because they are bare, which is because I'm not quite used to having to wear shoes yet. The thing is, I pined for the wintry weather over summer - all the lovely soups and stews, the endless pots of hot tea, the coats and gloves and scarves and warm blankets - so I'm determined to throw myself wholeheartedly into the frostiness and embrace it for all its nappy-drying unfriendliness.

Thus, my shopping list for next week (whenever I can bear to put on a jacket and venture outside) looks something like this:

- Explorer socks (in green and purple, oooh)

- A non-hideous anorak for rainy days:
(Maybe this one from American Apparel?)

- Gumboots (also for rainy days, of course):
(I am in love with this pair from Poyntons of Essendon, although I wouldn't say no to a pair from Hunter, either)

- Rooibos tea (see future post for rant on hot beverages)

- Lots more soy yarn (I've started a scarf for Baboushka in this I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Wool and now want one for myself. Then again, Baboushka is 4 months old and wouldn't remember if I were to steal her scarf..)

- Earmuffs:
Okay, I probably won't get any earmuffs, because a) it's a clear advertisement of what a sook I really am when it comes to the cold (my Viking ancestors would be unimpressed); and b) where the heck can I even get a pair?

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