Monday, May 11, 2009

Forget Mother's Day...

..I think 'Grandmother's Day' would be more apt. It's this weather - as soon as the days get shorter and the nights have a chill in the air, all I want to do is shuffle about in my dressing gown and get seriously cosy.

Give me a lap blanket, a teapot full of tea, slippers and some knitting (I've just started a new scarf, but I so very badly want to be able to make the blanket above). Add the dulcet tunes of Billie Holiday or Charles Trenet and voilà! Happiness.

(Image via Google)


Bells said...

I think that blanket is crocheted....that ripple pattern is pretty easy if you can do a basic crochet stitch.

Sounds like my idea of heaven, that you describe.

Iris said...

I think you're right, Bells. Currently scouring Google for 'ripple blankets for beginners' ;-)