Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not exactly practical...

...but during my regular blog perusals I have stumbled upon, among others, these delightful treasures:
all this happiness
clever nettle
Deer Hunter
Esme and The Laneway
le parapluie déteste la pluie
liebemarlene vintage
lost in the forest
The Little House By The Sea
The Vintage Year
Vegan and Vintage.

They're just gorgeous and lots of fun to read, but they make me a little sad for my own lovely vintage and secondhand clothes that are being terribly neglected. Pencil skirts, cute shoes, and anything involving silk, sequins and appliques are up there on my list of Favourite Things to Wear, but they also feature on my new list of Do Not Wear With Small Baby In Tow. And as my small baby spends most of her waking hours (and some of her sleeping ones, too) attached to me, well, you get the picture.

There was one day where I got a chance to wear something nice - Babushka hung out with her doting grandfather while I ventured out for my 6-week postnatal check-up. I wore a pink tweed pencil skirt that somehow fit, but because I felt silly to be dressing up for an occasion that mainly involved hiking said skirt up for my internal (why do they do that only 6 weeks after pushing a small human out? Why?!), and as always I had about 3 seconds in which to clothe myself, it was paired with a t-shirt and thongs. Ah well.

So I'm going to play 'virtual' vintage dress ups (hey, that would be a fun idea - The Sims: Wardrobe Remix. I'd play it! Although I can imagine it getting pretty boring upon realising that there's even less to it that Paris Hilton's day-to-day life. Ouch, retract those claws!). Oh eBay, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

40's dresses in autumnal colours

Black smocks with lace detailing - I wore dresses like this when I was little, I'd wear them now!

(from eBay shop Vintage-With-Heart)

Cute dresses with tiny Liberty-esque blossoms

Strapless floral party dresses (to be worn with a long-sleeved knit underneath and black tights, to subdue the party-ness)

(from eBay shop mama stone vintage)

Obligatory sequins

(from Vintage Glamourpuss)

Fabulous evening bags and clutches

(eBay store Fine Vintage Handbags)

And pretty, pretty heels in jewel-tones

(from eBay shop Floozees Vintage)

Phew! Vintage addiction satiated (for the time being).

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