Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pat's back!

Hurrah! My better half has returned from a week in New Zealand, what a lovely relief. Not least is the relief that he doesn't appear to have swine flu! I'm not one to buy into hype, but now that there's a wee baby in the house I'm discovering the world of maternal paranoia.

Anyway! To lessen my envy at his getting to go to lovely NZ without me (not that a week with only Babushka and I was not Awesome Girl Time), he got me a fabulous book - At Home: A Century of New Zealand Design, which I've been perusing oh so lightly while I wait until I have a cup of Earl Grey and good, quiet hour during which to devour it.
(the Mrkusich House)
(a Garth Chester chair)

Pat's stories of tiki torches in the workplace, rainy weather and a chain of vegetarian restaurants (how do we not have this in Australia?!) have only further ignited my curiosity and possible desire to move there. As has the recent discovery of a handful of great blogs from NZ:

HOME New Zealand
hyena in petticoats
lily's make believe
ruby in the dust
So Tread Softly...
the design alphabet
world sweet world

So many crafty, talented New Zealanders! It's enough to make a girl want to up and emigrate, build a studio and spend the rest of my days painting and knitting and sewing and printing and embroidering... Although the creative juices aren't really flowing at the moment, these blogs are feeding that little part in the back of my brain that is storing ideas for when I finally have both time and brainpower to bust out and get my craft on. It'll be choice, bruh!


Mademoiselle Lady Finger said...

A chain vego restaurant? Can you ask Pat the name for me please? I'd love to find those! BTW, thanks for the awesome blogroll list! It's hard finding other NZ bloggers xxx

ruby in the dust said...

thanks for mentioning me; I feel so flattered! love your observations too, especially on those damn leaf blowers!!